How do Callable Bonds work? ― Part 1

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What are Callable Bonds?

Irrevocable bond (redeemable) a bond is a type of bond that gives the issuer the right, but not the obligation, to the repayment of the notes before the maturity date. A bond is a bond with an embedded call option.

These bonds are usually along with some of the limitations of the call option. For example, the bond will not be repaid in full within a specified initial period of their life cycle. In addition, some of the bonds are to allow the redemption of the bonds but only in the case of several special events.

Callable bonds can be purchased or redeemed by the issuer before the bond’s maturity date. If an issuer’s ratings are in bonds, it is worth it to investors, the price of the call (usually the face value of the bonds, etc.), as well as the interest accumulated to date, and this will stop the payment of interest… Sometimes, as a premium to be paid for the phone. The provisions for impairment losses are a distinguishing feature of corporate, and municipal bonds.

How are Callable Bonds issued?

To understand the mechanism issuing the bond, consider the following example.

  • ABC Corporation. Issues bonds with a par value of $ 100 and an interest rate of 6.5% from the current rate of interest of 4%. The bonds have a maturity of 10 years. However, the company issues bonds with an embedded call option to buy back the bonds from the investors after the initial five-year period.
  • If interest rates fall after a five-year, ABC Corporation. be able to draw on the notes and the repayment of the debt with new bonds at a lower coupon rate. In this case, investors receive the nominal amount of the notes, but in the loss of future coupon payments. However, if the interest rate increases, or remains the same, and the company has no incentive to purchase the bonds, and the embedded option is about to expire, it is not carried out.
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How to find the value of a callable bond?

  • Valuing callable bonds differs from valuing regular bonds because of the embedded call option. The call option negatively affects the price of a bond because investors lose future coupon payments if the call option is exercised by the issuer.

Price (Callable Bond) = Price (Plain — Vanilla Bond) — Price ( Call Option)


  • Price (Plain — Vanilla Bond) — the price of a plain-vanilla bond that shares similar features with the (callable) bond.
  • Price (Call Option) — the price of a call option to redeem the bond before maturity.

What Happens When a Bond is Called?

When a bond is called, you will receive a notice that the issuer has called your bond. The issuer will then return your principal along with any unpaid accrued interest and the call premium. At that point, you’ll stop receiving interest payments, as you no longer hold the bond.

So, what exactly does that look like?

Think you have a bond that pays a 4% coupon and has a $1,000 par fee. The yearly hobby you would get hold of on that bond would be $40. Because company bonds usually pay hobby in 6-month increments you would receive coupon payments according to the year of $20 each. In case you had been to preserve that bond till it matured you would receive the $1,000 principal.

If the bond incorporates a call provision, it is going to also explicitly country the decision top class. The call premium is an additional amount above the adulthood fee that the company ought to pay to call a bond before adulthood. It is your reimbursement for having the bond known as. The top rate is stated as a percent of the par price, such as 104%. If your bond is callable at 104%, you may receive $1,040. Inside the case of our example here, suppose your bond is callable at 104% and you are due 6 months of hobby while the bond is referred to as. You would obtain a total of $1,060.

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